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Revolution has featured the work of Xavier Magaldi on a number of occasions.

The Swiss artist even did a series of artworks for our Swiss edition in 2012, which were hugely popular.

Born in Geneva, Magaldi went to the Ecole d’horlogerie de Genève and has been largely influenced by watch culture his whole life. “I was naturally inspired by the things around me and loved technical plans, schemas, black and white graphics. I liked how precise and orderly they were and they naturally became integrated into my work.

He calls his style MecaFuturism which is characterized by the precision and geometry of technical drawings, but also of Cubism of the 1920s with its pure geometry and mechanisms promoted by Italian futurists.

His work appeals to a wide audience as the watch mechanism influence has evolved to something less obvious and more refined. “You can still see my particular style, but I want to open up the spectrum. I want to soften the gears and the energy in the gear train so there are less cogs and wheels with teeth, but the speed and the idea of turning motion and geometry is still there.”

His sculptures are perhaps the works that are most inspired by watchmaking as they have vertical and horizontal lines and are finished with an industrial Swiss touch. “I will always have my identifiable signature that is influenced by horology, I will never be able to escape it.”

Magaldi’s work ranges from CHF 1,000 to CHF 8,000 and can be seen in the Speerstra Gallery in Paris, Barcelona, Miami, Hong Kong, iazzu Gallery, CelalM13, Jardin Orange, Amanda Wei and in his workshop in Geneva.


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