Xavier Magaldi (1975) lives and works in Geneva.
The Swiss artist Xavier Magaldi discovered graffiti in the late 80s, interested in this new artistic movement, it essentially will expand its research work on the letter and freestyle. Graffiti has been able to extract energy and the power of the plot.
It is these free art moments of pure creation which will base the foundation of his work on canvas that we called « MecaFuturism ».
After a successful transition from the street to the studio, the artist deepens the mechanical abstract side where there is constantly developing his recognizable style.

Materialization of time …
Graduate school of watchmaking in Geneva, technical expertise and creativity grow to revisit the watch mechanisms. Influenced by Cubism 20s by its pure geometry, and dynamism promoted by the Italian Futurists.
Through his numerous works of painting or sculpture, its complex and elegant imagery, the work of Xavier Magaldi is characterized by its precision and dynamism it emerges. Always detail-oriented, with its clear lines and monochromatic tones, special light emerges and quickly draws the audience into a world mecafuturiste.

Upcycling …
Also concerned about the environment and concerned technical advances mediums he uses, he does not hesitate to work in a spirit of ecology, some projects he even give new life to older materials.