Switzerland’s first auction of street art!

Galartis street art _ BanksySome 140 lots will be up for auction, including aerosol works sprayed on walls, wooden crates, skateboards, vinyl and canvas by some of the best urban artists from Switzerland and around the world, including JonOne, Kaws, Crash, Taki183, Zeus, Dran, Quik, Vhils, Jef Aerosol, Xavier Magaldi, Naegeli Harald, known as the ‘sprayer of Zurich’, Nadaone, Serval, Leo Mordac, Mambo, Pro176, Cope2, Jana&JS, Mist, OBEY Giant Shepard Fairey…

Among the catalogue’s gems are Banksy’s Paparazzi Rats, painted on the doors of an electricity cupboard in London’s Brick Lane; Keith Haring’s Pop Shop, sprayed on a shop wall; and JR’s 28 Millimeters: Women are Heroes, painted on a bus.

Galartis street art _ Jef Aersol Banksy Galartis street art _ Galartis street art _22 (2) Galartis street art _22 Galartis street art _cope2 kaws Galartis street art _crash taki183 Galartis street art _ikon jonone Galartis street art _leo mordacGalartis street art _JR Stohaed Galartis street art _latlas monsieur chat Galartis street art _Magaldi Smash137

Magaldi-Galartis street art _2

Xavier Magaldi – Meca Siderite  2014 – 60×60 – lot n°133

Date : 13 Juin 2015 – Horaire : 17h

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3/ Lot n° 133