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The Guuardian Orange - Xavier Magaldi 2017 - Jardin OrangeThe Guardian Blue - Xavier Magaldi 2017 - Jardin OrangeThe Big Guardian - Xavier Magaldi 2017 - Jardin OrangeXavier Magaldi. Interview English / Chinese in Jardin Orange, Artistic residency in Shenzhen China



Can you introduce yourself?


Hello, I am Xavier Magaldi, I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I have a Spanish father and wife and my mother is Swiss. So, I speak both Spanish and French, but my English is something I still am learning to use. I also have three children and I am a watchmaker/designer.


What is your current profession or job? 


I have been working in the creative department of  Patek Philippe in Geneva for the past 11 years. I balance this full-time job with my family life and, in the later evenings, I go to my studio to paint.



How would you describe your style (or the message inside) of your work?


My work is abstract, in general terms. I seek to define, or ‘capture’ a moment in time, like a photo. I want it to be something dynamic that which also expresses movement. Each canvas is a glimpse in time. I am a watchmaker, which I think comes out in my art work. The geometry, use of tools (like the compass, rulers) to really define and ‘fit’ everything on a canvas.


What artistic influences have inspired you in your art work?

以几何形式呈现的立体主义和未来运动主义下。有一位艺术家Marcel Duchamp,他的作品就给人一种十分活力且动态的感觉,但是我将这个动态呈现在了画布上。

The Cubism (for its geometric forms) and Futurism movements. One artist is Marcel Duchamp – for his work that gives the impression of movement (for example, the woman walking down the stairs) and dynamism… but instead, I work on a canvas.



Can you briefly describe how and when/why you decided to become involved in art?


As a kid, I was always drawing and building things. I started my career with graffiti in the last years of the 1980’s. My first tag was 1989, first graffiti piece 1991. I traveled around Spain and France finding people who did the same. It was like having a family.. I kept doing graffiti at the same time I was going to watch-making school of Geneva (which probably has had an influence on my work) until 2000, when I left graffiti behind to become a graphic designer. That is when things shifted to become more concrete, professional, for me. Only in 2010 did I return to draw again. I rented a studio and started working on canvas with tools, pens, etc. That’s the style I still have, just evolved.


What recommendations do you have for young or aspiring artists, based on your experience?

每个人都有自己的生活方式,只要你持续奋斗,梦想都会慢慢实现。例如拥有一份工作、组建一个家庭。 艺术也是一种生活方式,做任何事(像给自己放一个假、研究厨艺,等等..)都会对你所追求的艺术项目产生影响…就算你停止创作,去体验不一样的生活,你的大脑也会从生活中的每个瞬间分析和提取出积极乐观的东西,那么你就可以将这些作为元素加进你的艺术创作中。如果你不能持续的创作,没有关系,你的生活经历都会在作品中慢慢体现出来。只要你从现在开始,一切就都不算太晚。但是时间是无价的,所以在艺术公馆的这一个月内,我会在每个日夜的创作中,给自己制定目标去改进我的想法,这对隔一段时间进行创作是非常重要的。

Everyone has their own life. You have to keep fighting. Other things can come up.. a job, having a family, but art is a way of life. Every thing you do (even if not related to art, like a vacation, studying the culinary arts, etc.) can have an influence on the next art project you may pursue…even if you take a break to live other experiences for a while. If your mind is capable of analysing and directing the positive learnings from these moments, you can easily bring it into your art. If someone cannot paint consecutively or consistently for a while, it doesn’t matter — what they live will come out after in their future works.

It is never too late to begin. But time is priceless… so that is why this 1-month opportunity with JO (which is giving me the time to develop my ideas at night and work by day and goals), is really important to do every once and a while.

The Guardian Grey 1 and Grey 2 - Xavier Magaldi 2017 - Jardin Orange 4


Why is art important? Why should people support the arts?



Each part of the world seeks to find the beauty of life. Whether it is in shapes and forms, I believe the human being has and will always look to improve or contribute to his/her environment their own unique vision.  It could be with a painting, simple objects, decorations, a mural, …even in prehistoric times, people wore jewellery and unique clothing to express themselves! If it weren’t for this, everyone would be just the same.


为什么你会来Jardin Orange你有特别的目标或者计划吗对于来到JO之后你的印象和评论

Why did you come to Jardin Orange? Do you have a particular goal or project? Any impressions or comments about your experience?




When I was invited to come to JO, I thought it would be a great way to discover this new country. I know colors in China have a great symbolism, so I try to consider that. For example red i has a really positive connotation here, so I am bringing that to my work.

Truly, this residency is well-equipped. I find that the space is abundant; there are lots of materials to work with, the natural light is helpful and the neighbourhood is relaxed. I like #chinalife. The local people are really happy and are very giving; they’ve invited me to share food with them, visit their homes and have gifted me many things.

This area is quite modern, safe and has a high level of development. I would compare it to Europe. But I was shocked by how many bicycles there are.. or that people don’t really use cash money, but rather their phones, to pay for things.










Xavier 的艺术风格特点是精度,几何和技术制图,他的灵感来自1920年纯几何立体主义。


Xavier Magaldi Jardin Orange





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