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Amanda Wei Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Central, Hong Kong. The Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting works by young artists, as well as introducing international artists that are new to the Hong Kong art scene.

Amanda Wei Gallery 位於香港中環,旨在創造一個嶄新的當代藝術平台。除了展示年輕新銳藝術家的作品,亦會將國際藝術家帶進香港的藝術市場。Amanda Wei Gallery 望能成為藝術迷們與年輕藝術家、以及國際藝術家的橋樑,為香港中環增添一道亮麗的風景。

Amanda Wei Gallery

Amanda Wei Gallery Group Exhibition « Meeting of Styles »

Opening: Friday, Nov 17st. 2017@5pm – 9pm – From 17st November. till 7st December 2017

Amanda Wei Gallery – Shop B, Lower Ground Floor Wilson House

List of Artists:

Abeil(FR) – Ceet Fouad(FR) – DAAS (USA)  – Rebecca O’Brien (USA) – Scotie AD (FR) – Ata Bozaci(SUI) – Xavier Magaldi (SUI)


Amanda Wei gallery Hong Kong - Magaldi 2017






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