The IRON Guardian

Presentation and realization step by step of the sculptures specially realized for Boccara fine Art. Visible in the Boccara galleries in Monaco and New York. The Guardians S80 / S100 / G80 / G100 are a project of four sculptures. Composed of two pieces of 100cm and two of 80 cm, Each piece has a black face while on the other side is with a Gold / Bronze finish and Silver finish, which ultimately makes each piece unique. They are available and visible in the Boccara galleries of Monaco and New York. The metal used is iron, so they are intended for the interior, they are covered with an anthracite paint. Achievement 2018, Presented for the first time in 2019 in New York.

Présentation et fabrication étapes par étapes des nouvelles sculptures réalisées spécialement pour Boccara fine Art. Visibles dans les galeries Boccara Art de Monaco et de New-York. The Guardians S80 / S100 / G80 / G100 sont un projet de quatre sculptures. Composé de deux pièces de 100cm et deux de 80 cm,  Chaque pièce a une face noire alors que de l’autre côté est avec une finition Gold/Bronze et finition Argentée, ce qui au final rend chaque pièce unique. Elles sont disponibles et visibles dans les galeries Boccara de Monaco et de New-York. Le métal utilisé est le fer, elles sont donc prévu pour l’intérieur, elles sont recouvertes d’une peinture anthracite. Réalisation 2018, Présentées pour la première fois en 2019 à New York.

The Guardian IRON S80
The Guardian IRON S100
The Guardian IRON G80
The Guardian IRON G100

BOCCARA ART Brooklyn maintains an impressive two floor exhibition space, which highlights an important collection of historically influential artists from the 20th century while simultaneously dedicating its space to emerging artists as well.

Liubov Belousova  Boccara Fine Art Brooklyn
DAZE and MARE139
Nicholas Manousos

Opening: Thursday, February 28th, 6-9pm

Xavier Magaldi is a Swiss artist whose background in watchmaking forms a critical element of his current artistic practice. Magaldi’s paintings are rooted in a precision reminiscent of architectural draftsmanship, while his sculptures explore the jarring juxtaposition of a horological microcosm with the monumentality of massive wood sculptures. Merging graffiti and traditional painting techniques, Magaldi is able to combine two seemingly disparate art forms into one cohesive body of work.

Magaldi lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. He draws inspiration from his foundation in graffiti art, specifically the wildstyle letter form, and his formal education in watchmaking. From his Geneva studio, Magaldi is exploring themes of the future in a way that both inspires the viewer and urges us all to examine our relationship with time. His monolithic guardian sculptures evoke a feeling of progress and stability, while his ultramodern paintings could be a look at what our cities will look like with skylines continuing to ascend. With the increasing urbanization of our world, Magaldi’s work is more relevant than ever.

Time is an inherent source of inspiration in Magaldi’s work, an homage to horology which manifests itself through the time consuming detail-oriented geometric forms that appear in his paintings, as well as through the more spontaneous and free flowing gestures associated with graffiti.

It is precisely this specific attention to detail and layering that highlights Magaldi’s philosophical deconstruction of the horological process as well as a subsequent literal reconstruction of its tangible intricacies.