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Undoxxed Book


The Finest in Digital Lifestyle Culture is a book on digital wearable (irl & ivl) covering fashion, sneakers, art, design, and tech.

based in Geneva since 1975, is part of this innovative generation of artists who have evolved from graffiti to open up new perspectives through their talent. After a successful transition from the streets to the studio, Magaldi immersed himself in geometric abstraction, constantly developing a distinctive style characterized by precision and dynamism.

Each of his works, whether on canvas, in three dimensions, through performance, installation, or mixed reality, reflects this precision and energy. His obsession with detail, embodied by futuristic lines and monochromatic tones, creates a complex and elegant image.

Xavier Magaldi sets his own rhythm and offers a rich sensory reading experience.

Through this graphic composition, a QR code links to a page where you can download the 3D sculpture and bring it to life in augmented reality, opening the door to an immersive and innovative artistic experience. Magaldi is also a pioneer in exhibiting in the metaverse, with Avant-garde immersive digital sculptures.

Clic here >> Sculpture in Augmented Reality

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