Visualize the art in your home

iazzu Xavier Magaldi

The new free application is ready to download!

iazzu in situ

iazzu is a tool that allows artists and collectors to communicate effectively and DIRECTLY.

It allows to touch a new generation of collectors.

My goal is to facilitate communication and visualization “in-situ”.

It will allow you to have a global view of all my works exhibited in various galleries. Europe, Asia and USA

To experiment them numerically at home thanks to augmented reality.

It also keeps you informed of current and future events.

It allows access exclusively to certain small formats or paper work directly from the ATELIER.

For works presented in the gallery, you will be put in direct contact with the galleries for the finalization and obtaining the work with certificate.

1. Choose a work.

2. Photograph your wall.

3. Access your system (Android or iOS), enter or confirm the measurements.

4. Place the work “in situ”.

Save your composition or share it.

The settings offer a choice of 4 languages ​​and 10 currencies.

The goal of iazzu is to expand digital information to complement the world of analog art and its exhibitions – not as a replacement!

It will become unavoidable. It is used by many galleries and art institutions, providing them with assistance in the management of exhibitions and collections.

Visualize the art in your home



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